5 Features Of A Wow Ecommerce Platform


Statistics say, “People spend an average of 5 hours per week shopping online.” That is quite a huge number when we take into consideration the number of active hours that a person has in a day.

This is why, it is utterly important for any business owner to get himself a space on the web and bring his products to the platform. But the key question is that how would one do that? Will he just put up all his products and services on a particular space on the web? If that is the thing that you agree on, then you will end up committing a huge blunder. A simple alternative to avoid this blunder is getting your website made by a professional. All websites are unique in their particular way but not all of them appeal to the audience and this is where they end up losing.

Every year, jillion numbers of website trends come and go and businesses everywhere try to use those trends to make their sites work. But there are some basic features that have managed to remain evergreen for any ecommerce website. To let you in on this secret knowledge treasure, here we go-

Simplicity & Ease- A good designer knows how important simplicity is, for a design to be effective. That does not mean that you have to sacrifice elegance and attractiveness to make your website look simple. An important factor that decides if your website will be loved by the visitors is the ease of use that it offers. When a business sells product online it has merely minutes or sometimes even seconds to make the sale and if your website is too complicated to navigate through, you already lost a customer.

Photos & Videos- Are you still trying to sell you product with just one picture of it? What era are you living in, the 90s? The world has changed and if you still think that you can entice the customers with a single picture and a normal product description, you are on the wrong road.

The need of the hour is for you to fill up your ecommerce platform with multiple product pictures in different angles so as to provide the people with a complete view of the product that they are buying. Features like zoom, rotate, etc. are some of the good add-ons that you can consider. Another point that needs to be taken care of is the load time of the picture. Adobe says that images that do not load quickly, lead to drop-off in the consumer rate by 39%.

Mobile Compatible & Friendly- 91% of mobile users keep their phones within 3 feet of themselves, all the times. We suggest you to make full use of those 3 feet. Make sure that your ecommerce platform is mobile friendly. When your website is responsive, it automatically adapts to whatever device the user might be using.

Reviews- Reviews shape up your entire product image. The star rating that your product has, decides whether or not the consumers will buy it. Reviews as you know can be categorized into two major categories- Positive and Negative. While everyone appreciates the positive reviews, negative ones are often cursed upon. But what we need to know is that the negative ones are better for a brand. They convey to the audience that all the reviews are real and have not been generated in a fake manner.

Offers- Offers are one element that makes customers go crazy. It is up to you to use them for your benefit. When shoppers see that they are getting special deals it motivates them to buy the product.

All these features can be used to make your ecommerce platform go from Bleh to Wow! All you have to do now is to get up and get working.

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